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Pictures of the Tejtel Sawmill & Lumber Yard

The family of Herszk (Hershel) Tejtel owned a sawmill and lumber yard on Szosa Rozanska ("szosa" is something less than a "street"). New: Tejtel Family Photos. Click here.

After Herszk Tejtel died in 1919, the property was managed by his brother Michel Tejtel and his son-in-law Josk Froimowicz, among others. After most of Herszk's children left for Palestine, the Froimowicz family ended up as the sole owners. The Froimowicz family - Fruma, Josk, and their two daughters - perished in the Holocaust.

Outline of the Tejtel property (using a 1933 map):

Bejla-Gitel Tejtel, the widow of Herszk Tejtel, lived with her younger children in a house at No. 4 Szosa Rozanska, which also served as the office for the lumber business. Next to her residence was a flour mill that later served as a carpentry workshop for Abram Jankiel Pokrzywa, who helped manage the business. The sawmill itself included an electrical power station, the first power station in Ostrow, which was added around 1920 following a fire. The chimney of the sawmill was the tallest chimney in the town.

The property was surrounded by a wooden fence. Just outside the fence, to the west of the property, was the Pokrzywa residence, No. 12 Szosa Rozanska, a former army barracks built in the late 19th century by Herszk Tejtel for the Russian army. The building also housed the "Tarbut" school.

The following pictures are from around 1922.

The house on the left (A) was the residence of the Tejtel family - Bejla-Gitel (Herszk's widow) and her daughters Etka and Ides. The house in the middle (B) was the flour mill. On the right (C) is the "tartak," or sawmill, with its tall chimney partly visible.

In the foreground are (from left to right): Fruma Froimowicz with daughter Lodka; Michel Tejtel; Abram Jankiel Pokrzywa (a son-in-law of Herszk) with daughter Nechama; and Awigder Tejtel (a son of Herszk).

The sawmill ("tartak"), with its tall chimney, and the electrical power plant ("elektrownia"). In the foreground, left to right: Awigder Tejtel, Abram Jankiel Pokrzywa, Michel Tejtel

This picture shows the view from Szosa Rozanska. To the right is the home of Bejla-Gitel Tejtel; in the center right is the flour mill; and on the left is the Pokrzywa family residence (the former barracks that also housed the Tarbut school).

This picture shows the view of Ostrow Mazowiecka from the property, as well as the height of the sawmill's chimney. On the horizon, left of center, is the Catholic church. The town hall that appears in the 1931 postcard with a similar view had not yet been built.

Photos courtesy of Gerald Cook