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Photo of a group of children from about 1926


This photo was sent by Urszula Kokosinska. She says that it shows her mother (born in 1923) and other children from kindergarten. Some of the children are Jewish. Her mother noted the names on the back of the photo, but we don’t know which name refers to which child.  

children, back

The names are:
Halman M. (the M. is crossed)
Bobey H.
Hanka H.
Basia P. (Urszula’s mother Basia Parzuchowska)
Dasia S.
Tejtel H.
Tejtlowna C. ( Tejtlowna means unmarried daughter of Tejtel)

Urszula says that her mother is the girl with dark hair and a white dress sitting in the front row (second from the right). She must have been 3 or 4 at the time the photo was taken. Based on the photograph, it is likely that the boy and girl on the right (back and front row) are the Tejtel children.

Stanley Diamond believes the only possible male H. TEJTEL would be Hersz, son of Awigdor and his wife Chawa.

The closest match in the Books of Residents for a C. TEJTEL is a Chaja, born 1920. 

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