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Matzevah of Moszek Mejer Gabinet, from "New" Jewish Cemetery


Above is a picture of the matzevah of Moszek Mejer GABINET – Moshe Meier ben Yechezkel GABINET – who died in Ostrów Mazowiecka on 22 August 1934 (11 Elul 5694).  It was provided by Mario (Moishe Meyer) GABINET, a grandson and namesake of Moszek Mejer who lives in Uruguay.  It was presumably taken after the matzevah was completed and was sent to Mario's father Nujem, who had already left Poland.

The people surrounding the matzevah are presumably Moszek Mejer’s children and grandchildren, and possibly his widow as well.  The woman sitting on the right side is Sara, or Sorche, one of his daughters who later immigrated to Uruguay.

This is one of the few pictures we have of the “new” Jewish cemetery in Ostrów Mazowiecka, which was destroyed during the war and is now a forest.

The matzevah in the background on the right is for Kalonimos son of Yisrael Arye, age 71, who died in 5692 (1932).  He is likely Kelman GROSSMAN (1861-1932), son of Srul. Kelman was survived by his wife Mnucha ROZENBAUM, originally from Przasnysz.  Kelman and Mnucha were the parents of Fajwel, Ruchla, Mejer, Chaja, Abram, Moszek and Chewet.

The matzevah in the background on the left is for two brothers, one who died in 5632 (1932-33) and the other who died in 5633 (1933-34).