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Photos of the Lieberman Family from Ostrow-Mazowiecka

These photos were scanned and contributed by David Lieberman, dlieberman1@nyc.rr.com
They show his family in Ostrow, probably between 1919 and 1920. If someone in these photos looks familiar to anyone, David would welcome whatever information viewers can provide.

Postcard showing mother and child, both front and reverse.

"This is my grandmother -- Sziendel (Steingart) Lieberman -- with my father, originally named Menachem (later Milton) Lieberman." The photo is a post card. If anyone can translate the Yiddish inscription, please send the translation both to David Lieberman (email above) and to Beth Galleto, galleto@pacbell.net, who will post the translation with the photo.

David Lieberman's grandfather, Jechiel Lieberman, Hebrew teacher, with a class.

"He's the one with the moustache in the second row from the bottom on the right. I know that he taught Hebrew -- he might even have been a school principal -- but I can't identify anything else."

Jechiel Lieberman can also be seen in the photo below.

In this photo he also appears to be posing on the lower right with a class. David says that his grandfather moved to the United States in September, 1921, so these photos must have been taken before that date.