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Photos of the Kohn and Berenholc Families from Ostrow-Mazowiecka

These photos were scanned and contributed by Alan Droz, AlanYD@comcast.net.
Please notify Alan if you have additional information about any of the people in the photos.

Perla Berenholc

Perla KOHN BERENHOLC at the grave of her mother, Beyla BRONZOWEY KOHN (1855-1908). 
Ca 1930s, Ostrow Mazowiecka.

Chana (left) and Bella (right) BERENHOLC.  Chana's married name here in the states was Helene Faytelowicz.
Ca 1930s, Ostrow Mazowiecka.


Avram (Avrumche) KOHN with his third wife, Szeyna, at 29 Warshawsky Street, Ostrow Mazowiecka.  
Avram's granddaughter, Bella BERENHOLC is in background.  Ca mid-1930s.